Our Robotics Birthday Parties

Are you worried about your child’s birthday party? Are you stressed because you don’t know how to entertain the kids?Perhaps you feel that your child and his friends are too old for a clown or a magic show, and don’t know what to do?

Then get one of our Robotics parties! We will keep your party-goers entertained, while you can catch up with your fellow parents, or perhaps make some last minute arrangements for pizza. And unlike other birthday parties, our Robotics parties are both fun and educational! Just imagine, your child can learn some engineering basics about gears and pulleys, write a simple program, all while having tons fun with  her friends!

Currently we offer two types of birthday parties:

Our LEGO® Robotics Party(recommended for children between ages 7-9) $175

During this party children will build fun and exciting robots using  step by step instructions on the screen. After the robots are finished, your guests will write a simple program to have their robots achieve certain tasks.

We offer a choice between two projects:

Robots playing soccer during one of our classes last spring.

Soccer bots– In this project we split the kids into two different teams.

One team builds goalies and the other kickers and after robots are complete,  they play soccer against each other!

During this party not only do kids get to play robotics soccer, but they learn about pulleys in the funnest way possible, by building them!

Spinning tops-In this project every pair builds a spinning top, that’s accelerated with the motor and clever combination of gears.

And after all the tops are done the kids can have a battle on whose top spins the longest! During this party your young party-goers will learn about gear ratios and symmetry!

Party format

  • Maximum of 12 guests
  • each pair of kids get one netbook and one robotics kit
  • Party duration 1 hour 10 min


If you have older kids, you might be interested in our Robochallenge Party $200 (recommended for 10-11 year olds)

hexbugs catcher

This is a hexbugs catcher that one of our students built last fall. Notice hexbugs in the trap!

During this party we build robotics cages to catch hexbugs nano! We do not provide step by step instruction, leaving kids to rely on their imagination( and of course help of our instructors). After all the cages are finished, we have a competition to see who can catch the most hexbugs!

Party format:

  • Maximum 12 guests
  • each pair of kids gets one netbook and one robotics kit
  • party duration 90 minutes

Please note:

  • the kids will not be able to keep any part of our equipment whether it’s LEGOs or hexbugs.
  • We do not provide any refreshments or goody bags.

For more information please visit our Robotics Party FAQ.

If you have any questions please contact us at questions@learning-gears.com




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