Distance charges

Distance charges apply when the party venue is more than 20 minutes’ driving time from Bellaire, TX.  We collect the the distance charge at the party, in the form of a check, along with any balance due for the party itself.

Here are examples of distance charges. If your location is more than 60 minutes from Bellaire, TX, you are out of our area and we will not be able to serve you at that location.

When you provide us with the exact address of your party venue, we can quote an actual charge. You must agree to this charge before we can confirm your reservation.

Here are some example of distance charges (actual charges will vary depending on your address)

Sugar Land- $3-$10

Pearland -$10-$15

Pasadena $5-$10

South Houston $5-$10

Cypress $10-$15

If you want to know the exact distance charge for your location simply look up Google directions from Bellaire, TX to the address of your venue. Every extra minute of driving time, beyond initial 20 minutes, translates to extra $1 in distance fees.


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