Video Game Programming: In this class we teach kids to write simple video games using Scratch, the super-simple drag-and-drop multimedia programming language designed by MIT‘s Lifelong Kindergarten project. During the class we typically write a simple video game (falling object or pacman) and learn how to adapt our games into a e-card!

After each class all students’ projects are uploaded on-line. Your little programmer can not only show you what he or she did in class, but also experiment at home with her program.

Click on the link to see our games and e-cards!

In this class students will learn :

  • animation basics
  • loops (both while and repeat until)
  • if else statements
  • global and local variables

Our Video Game programming class also reinforces the following mathematical concepts:

  • coordinate axes
  • decimals and fractions

Exposure to these topics is NOT a requirement for this class. We will teach your child these concepts if she does not know them already.

Class format:

Eight meetings, once a week, 60 minutes per meeting.

  • Max: 12 students.

  • Tuition $80 per student per session (8 weeks)

  • We provide for use during class:  one netbook for each student.

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