Robochallenge (recommended for 4th and 5th, or those who have already taken our  LEGO® Robotics class)In this Robotics class, instead of building using step-by-step building directions , we start each class with a programming challenge. After writing our programs, we’ll use LEGO® robotics kits to design bots to go with our programs.
Bots we build include: factory bots (forklifts) that could drive up to a target, stop before crashing into it and then back up; and all sorts of vehicles, carnival rides and even a space shuttle! One of our favorite challenges: build a bot that can trap one of our Hexbug Nanos.

In this class students will learn:

  • simple engineering concepts involving motors, pulleys and different combinations of gears
  • type of gears and when to use each type
  • gear ratios (gearing up or down)
  • programming concepts

Class format :

Eight meetings, once a week, 60 minutes per meeting.

  • Max: 12 students.

  • Tuition $80 per student per session (8 weeks)

  • We provide for use during class: one robotics kit and one netbook for each pair of student

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