Does you first or second grader love playing with Legos, but is a little young for Robotics?

No problem! In our Lego Engineers class, we build exciting age-appropriate projects, while learning the basic concepts behind pulleys, levers gears and more.

Each week, we’ll build a new project incorporating one of these. Our projects include an amusement park ride, a go-carts and even a catapult!

After the students are done with their projects we encourage them improvise and improve their designs,  just like we do in our robotics classes!

In this class Students will learn:


  • simple engineering concepts involving  pulleys, gears and levers
  • elementary physics concepts


LEGO® Engineers class format

  • Seven meetings, once a week,
  • 60 minutes per meeting.
  • NO robotics or computers. We provide one simple machines LEGO® kit for every pair of students.
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