Our Enrichment Classes

We provide a wide variety of Science and Engineering class for various age groups.

Our classes include several types of Robotics classes fro various age levels.

Our Robotics classes are:

Lego Robotics (suitable for students in 2nd -5th grade)

Robochallenge (suitable for students in 4th-5th grade, or 3rd graders who have taken Lego Robotics before)

Mindstorms (suitable for students in  6th-8th grade)

We also offer Video Game Programming class, a real programming class where students learn to write their first video game.

(Suitable for students in 3rd -5th grades)

Our science and engineering classes include:

Lego Engineers, a class where students in 1st and 2nd grades can get their introduction to simple machines and other engineering concepts

(suitable for 1st and 2nd graders)

Electronics, a class in which students learn about basic electric circuit elements and basic circuit laws.

(suitable for 3rd -5th graders)

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